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Our Story

It's not just about the workout.  It's so much more.... 

GROOVE POINTE was created to capture the magic that happens when we move together.  It's the feeling of putting on a record at your friend's house or dancing at your cousin's wedding.  For anyone who danced or cheered this workout will feel like coming home, yet it remains accessible to all. 

Our classes are created with simple moves inspired by multiple modalities of fitness to not only deliver a great workout but also provide a well deserved mental reset.  

Yes it's a workout, but it's so much more.

 A gathering of the GROOVE POINTE SOCIAL CLUB is your opportunity to let loose, have fun, and make some memories.


unofficial President of the
Groove Pointe Social Club
JR Jones

JR brings 2 decades of experience helping individuals and communities pursue health and live their best lives. From partnering with educators and administrators to increase physical activity and nutrition in California’s school age children to administering intervention programs for vulnerable adults, JR understands that wellness is multi-faceted. It’s no surprise that JR also found a home for her passion for wellness in the fitness industry. Growing up a trained dancer, gymnast and cheerleader, she fell in love with movement, and refused to give it up as an adult. As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, JR specializes in combining music, movement, and motivation to deliver more than just a workout, but an experience.  ​

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